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The Future of Food

Farmshelf for Home, Business, and Education


Farmshelf for Home

When you bring the farm home, you bring freshness to the table, craft dinner conversations centered around food, cut costs, and reduce waste significantly. Farmshelf for Home fits seamlessly into existing routines, and creates new ways to feed the world.

Farmshelf for Business

When food is work and work is food, it's important to have the best and freshest ingredients possible. Farmshelf for Business is created with the professional chef in mind, someone who knows that every ingredient matters and that growing (much like preparing) food is both a science and an art.

Farmshelf for Education

When food is integrated into education, children flourish. Farmshelf for Education can be installed in schools to both support the nutrition of students and foster a relationship to food. Trust us, it’s more fun than that food pyramid you may remember.

Tech Specs

The behind-the-scenes tech that make Farmshelf get growing

  • Smart LED

    The LED systems are automated for optimal light with a variety of hues.

  • Timed Water

    No more over- or under-watering. Water automatically moves through the system delivering your plants exactly what they need.

  • Nutrients Included

    Beyond water and light, make sure your plants are given exactly the right nutrients they need. All timed and automated. Your food will thank you.

  • Harvest Alerts

    Receive analytics on plant growth from the cloud and receive alerts when it's time to harvest.