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Working with Shelf Nutrients

🌱 The Farmshelf automatically adds nutrients and buffers to the water.  Just swap in fresh cartridges that will come in your subscription box.

🌱 Before inserting cartridges into Farmshelf, remove the protective cap from each of the four cartridges.

🌱 Open the bottom right hatch (access panel) on your Farmshelf.

🌱 Insert cartridges in left to right order: Nutrient A, Nutrient B, Buffer Up, Buffer Down (as illustrated above).

Close the hatch.

☝️ Starting up your Farmshelf for the first time? See first steps here.

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🌱 See what to expect at each stage of your crops' lifecycle - visit the complete User Manual.

🌱 Quick tips for working with the Seedpods.

🌱 How to Fill Water into the main tank once you tranfser seedlings up to the grow shelves.

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