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🎥 Intro: Working with seeds and the nursery

How to work with Seedpods

🌱 Open your subscription box, and carefully remove seedpod packages right side up - just like an egg carton. Each plant has different speeds of germinating- while others start to sprout right away, others are generating roots. Details for each crop can be found on the crop guide.

🌱 Start your nursery right away. After 2 weeks the seedpods delivered will lose viability. Note: Doubled-up orders in a crop cycle are subject to the same wait time.

🌱 Your Seed order comes with nursery nutrients that look like vials. In your blue nursery vessel pour one vial at a time, allowing a few seconds in between. Shake the vessel before watering your seedpods.

🌱 Shelf Nutrients will look like cartridges and will deliver as a second package. Expect them to deliver before reaching day 14 of your nursery.

☝️Review the crop guide to know more about your specific seeds.

☝️ Starting up your Farmshelf for the first time? See first steps here.

Humidifier and starting the Nursery

🌱 Fill humidifier with clean Filtered Water ¾ of the way and feed inlet tube into the bottom of the humidifier. Note: This humidifier turns ON when needed based on temperatures and is not 24 hours. Filtered water can also be bottled water.

🌱 Turn the nursery ‘ON’ via the touchscreen. This will turn on the nursery lights, fans, and humidifier pump. This settings should stay ‘ON’ for 2 weeks and turned ‘OFF’ when seedlings are transferred to shelves.

🌱 Nursery and Shelves can be active at the same time. As both have different watering systems. To keep plants in at all times, keep in mind when you choose to order new seeds.

🌱 Any empty holes should be covered with a black cap to fight against bacteria growth.

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Inserting Pods, Water and Plant Food

🌱 Transfer seedpods to the three nursery trays - each carton contains enough seed pods to fill one nursery tray. Each tray holds 14, 2 extras to pick your top performers.

🌱 Using your blue watering vessel, add filtered cold clean water ¾ of the way and add your nursery nutrients as instructed. Shake gently.

🌱 Find the black cap with the symbol for water located on your seed tray. Remove black cap and fill with Filtered Clean Water to the top. Put the black caps back into place on the nursery trays.

Note: Check twice a week to fill generously (3/4 full). Dried trays will result in slower growth. No additional nutrients are needed.

🌱 Day 14 - Open the nursery to see if your seedlings are ready to move up to the grow shelves. Most plants will be ready for transfer in 14 days. Once you see the formation of true leaves you are ready to transfer up.

🌱 Keep in mind transferring to shelves you will: Turn ‘OFF’ Nursery, turn ‘ON’ Water Circulation, turn ‘ON’ Auto-doser and turn ‘ON’ Top, Middle and Bottom Shelf lights.

🎥 Recap: Checking on your seedlings

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🌱 Quick tips for working with the Nutrient and Buffer Cartridges.

🌱 How to Fill Water into the main tank once you tranfser seedlings up to the grow shelves.

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