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Starting up for the first time

🌱 Welcome to Farmshelf! We can't wait to get you growing.

🌱 Here are the main components of Farmshelf to get familiar with (refer to photo).

🌱 The power switch and socket are located on the back, right corner of Farmshelf. Ensure you have an available power outlet closeby (120VAC, 8amps). Plug in the provided power cord, and flip the power switch to on.

🌱 We encourage you to level and lock the wheels of Farmshelf using the leveling casters.

Remove Starter Kit and packaging tape

🌱 Remove all starter kit items from the Farmshelf - they arrive packaged in the water tank. Gently pull the water tank out towards you to access and remove the following items:

Microfiber cleaning cloth, trimming shears, black caps, nursery watering vessel, diluted ethanol alcohol cleaning solution (for nursery and grow shelf basins), hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution (for plumbing), graduated cylinder (for measuring), and cleaning squeegee.

🌱 Store these items in a dry, clean place. You'll learn when and how to use them throughout the crop lifecycle.

🌱 Remove all visible packaging tape from inside the Farmshelf before use.

Activate your Farmshelf

🌱 Using the touchscreen on the right door of your unit, follow the on-screen prompts to connect Farmshelf to internet.* You can use either Wi-Fi or ethernet. For ethernet, port is located on back of Farmshelf.

🌱 Once connected to internet, the touchscreen will ask you to verify your subscription that you want to associate with that unit. When prompted, enter onto the touchscreen the pin you received via email. You should have received a pin for each subscription corresponding to each unit that you own.

🌱 After the pin is entered and the unit is successfully authenticated, the full touchscreen interface will load within 15 seconds.

*NOTE: internet is required for Farmshelf to operate normally. Monitoring, notifications, and warranty may be impacted if Farmshelf is without internet.

Preview the next steps

🌱 See what to expect at each stage of your crops' lifecycle - visit the complete User Manual.

🌱 Quick tips for working with the Seedpods.

🌱 Quick tips for working with the Nutrient and Buffer Cartridges.

🌱 How to Fill Water into the main tank once you tranfser seedlings up to the grow shelves.

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