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Welcome to Farmshelf!

We're glad you're here. Enjoy this introductory video 🎥

Starting up for the first time

🌱 Download and review the full steps in your user manual.

🌱 Create your Farmshelflabs account - save this link, or download the app here - Apple or Google. PLEASE NOTE: Your account can take up to 24 hours to be given access. You’ll be notified via text of your access and sent your verification pin to pair your Farmshelf (Pairing is optional)

🚰 Choose Water Hose or Water Cart or Municipal Plumbing - You have 3 options for filling/draining your Farmshelf's main water tank. Note: your selection will be added to your first seed order. See more details on Watering Quick tip link.

🌱 POWER ON: The power switch and socket are located on the back, right corner of Farmshelf. Plug in the provided power cord to a wall outlet, and flip the power switch on.

🌱 Order your Seeds: Once you receive your access text and pin, you may revisit Farmshelflabs, select ‘Subscriptions’.

🌱 Learn the Farmshelf touch screen: Click around to get to know your controls.

🌱 Confirm with your IT any restrictions and requirements for adding Farmshelf to a stable network. Internet connection is highly advised.

Seeds, Nutrients & Starter Kit

🌱 Your subscription is a monthly (or quarterly or annual if applicable) charge for unlimited seeds, nutrients, and support. Your seed order will include nutrient instructions and your watering selection (if you selected cart or hose). Seed orders deliver within 7-10 business days.

🌱 How to care for Seeds when they arrive. Care tips can be found in the quick tip ‘Seedpods’ below along with watering, and nutrient tips.

🌱 Remove all starter kit items from the Farmshelf water tank. Store these items in a dry, clean place. You'll learn when and how to use them throughout the crop lifecycle. Gentle pull the water tank (shown in image above) to find:

Microfiber cleaning cloth, Trimming shears, Black caps, Nursery watering vessel, 1-time Hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution (for cleaning), Nursery Nutrients (not to be mistaken with shelf nutrients), and a Cleaning squeegee. *You also have the option of watering solutions- review the Watering link*

🌱 Remove all visible packaging tape and the QR sticker from the Farmshelf before use.

Pair your Farmshelf

🌱 Using the touchscreen on the right door of your unit, go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Wifi’ to add your internet credentials.* You can use either Wi-Fi or ethernet. For ethernet, port is located on the back of Farmshelf.

PLEASE NOTE: Captive portals (external windows and validations needed) and internet connections with no password will not be viable networks.

🌱 Once connected to internet, the touchscreen will ask you to verify your subscription that you want to associate with that unit. “Verify Pin” after you’ve added internet to your Farmshelf.

*Note: You will receive an error message if the pin you are using has expired. After adding internet connection, should your Farmshelf have issues pairing, please email support@farmshelf.com for further details.

🌱 NO INTERNET: If you choose to continue without internet you may continue the program without issues. Simply navigate to the control panel on your touchscreen and order your seeds on the Farmshelflabs website or App. *Please note: Internet is best for troubleshooting. Without internet support may be limited.

🎥 Video Recap and Next Steps

🌱 See what to expect at each stage of your crops' lifecycle - visit the complete User Manual.

🌱 Quick tips for working with the Seedpods.

🌱 Quick tips for working with the Nutrient and Buffer Cartridges.

🌱 How to Fill Water into the main tank once you tranfser seedlings up to the grow shelves.

NEED HELP? Try our Help widget in the bottom right corner of this website, or write support@farmshelf.com.