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Watering the Farmshelf main tank

💦 If you select to use a water cart, see illustration and instructions here. If you select to use a hose directly from your sink, review instructions in next section.

💦 Planning to use municipal plumbing instead of manually filling water? See directions here.

🌱 It’s important to know the main water tank level should be above 50% at all times for successful growth. Water twice a week to the top for the best success. Time: 15 minutes.

🌱 If Paired you can turn on and off functions under ‘Units’ on Farmshelflabs. If Not paired you can turn functions on via the touchscreen. Transferring to shelves you will: Turn ‘OFF’ Nursery, turn ‘ON’ Water Circulation, turn ‘ON’ Auto-doser and turn ‘ON’ Top, Middle and Bottom Shelf lights.

🌱 Locate your water cart and fill to the top for 1 full tank’s worth of cold water. Wheel to the Farmshelf.

☝️ Starting up your Farmshelf for the first time? See first steps here.

🎥 Overview of using the Water Cart

Watering via hose directly from sink

🌱 This option includes a sink diverter, which is mounted directly to the faucet, and a custom hose that easily connects the sink diverter to the Farmshelf quick connect port.

🌱 The sink diverter can be connected to a faucet with a standard 55/64” male thread by removing the existing female aerator (no adapter is needed). If this thread size does not work for your faucet, we recommend purchasing a universal
adapter kit that will allow you to mount the sink diverter to any faucet. 

Fill Procedure:

🌱 Connect one end of the hose to the sink diverter and the other end to the fill port in the front of the unit.

🌱 Turn on the faucet to pressurize the hose.

🌱 Follow the standard manual fill procedure via the touchscreen.

Drain Procedure:

🌱 Connect one end of the hose to the drain port in the front of the unit (the top port, above the fill port) and place the other end loosely in the sink.

🌱 Follow the standard manual drain procedure via the touchscreen.

Remove cap from the pH probe

NOTE: this process is only performed once - the very first time you prepare to add water to the main tank. If the tank has been filled with water previously, you may skip this step.

🌱. The pH probe has a red cable cover (see illustration here). The cap will need to be wiggled off gently to not damage the actual sensor. This may take slight force. The cap is plastic with water to keep the probe wet until you run your first tank of water. Store the cap somewhere safe (water can be removed from the cap). The other probe with a green cable does not have a cap to remove. It can remain in the probe holder.

Filling water

🌱 Select ‘Water Flow’, tap the dropdown ‘Manual Fill’, and ‘Fill’, your touchscreen will provide further instructions.

🌱 Note the TOP port is to DRAIN, the BOTTOM port is to be detached for FILL.

🌱 When prompted by the touchscreen, disconnect the tank hose from bottom port (see photo), and connect your cart's quick connect fill hose.

🌱 Follow along on the touchscreen to observe the water level as you fill.

🌱 When finished, disconnect your cart's fill hose, reconnect the tank hose, and close the water door/hatch.

🌱 Note: It is important to fill to the top each week. Water flow can be compromised without enough water.

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