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Farmshelf - Balance29

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Farmshelf - Balance29

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Your pre-order price was $2950.

$2850 due today**

🌱 Download the complete Specifications here
🌱 40.25" Wide x 21.5" Deep x 74.75" High (glass on front & sides)
🌱 Plugs into standard wall outlet (8 Amps / 120 VAC)
🌱 Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5G band network (also ethernet port available)
🌱 Grow up to 60 varieties of leafy greens, delicious herbs and edible flowers all year long, right at home
🌱 Grow 2-3 times faster than conventional farming, using 90% less water
🌱 Harvest what you need when you need it, eliminating food waste and guaranteeing freshness
🌱 Farmshelf optimizes growing and gives your crops exactly the right amount of water, light and nutrients, precisely when they need it
🌱 Effortlessly grow incomparably fresh, chef-level ingredients


**Plus applicable taxes.  Farmshelf Home delivery charge of $475 is included in the balance due.  Shipping to US Virgin Islands is an additional fee.  Farmshelf Home subscription for $89/month, taxes separate.