Farmshelf makes it easy to grow your own leafy greens and herbs at home. Your produce will travel feet not miles making it fresher, cleaner, safer, more nutritious and better tasting. Say goodbye to plastic packaging. You harvest from your sealed, indoor garden right to your plate. What you need, when you need it.
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Your Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Enjoy the freshest produce, year round.
Farmers' market flavors all the time.
The cleanest and safest produce you can buy grown in a sealed environment.
Plenty of greens and herbs to feed your family.
Customer support to help you from seed to harvest.

1. Choose your Crops

Select from 60 varieties in the web app such as butter lettuce, shiso, Portuguese kale, and chamomile.

2. Insert Seedpods

Shipped to your door. Snap them in to the nursery. It’s so easy your kids can do it!

3. Effortless Growing

Farmshelf gives your crops exactly what they need: lighting, water, nutrients and airflow are delivered automatically.

4. Harvest to your Plate

You harvest what you need when you need it. Elevate your cooking with the freshest ingredients.

How to get started

Once your Farmshelf ships, you'll be invited to start your subscription (the link will be emailed to you) and set up your account.  You’ll first choose from a monthly or annual subscription (the annual plan comes with savings).  From there, you can select the crops you wish to grow for each cycle.  Once you’ve made your first crop selections, we will ship the corresponding seedpods and nutrients to your door so you have them right in time to insert into your new Farmshelf.  We are available Monday- Friday, 9-5pm ET to answer any questions as you pick your first crops and set up your new Farmshelf. Our representatives are ready and available to help you make the best crop choices for your family!

Farmshelf Subscription

$89/month, shipped right to your door:

🌱 Seedpods: Your Farmshelf hydroponic indoor garden gives you 3 shelves (plus a hidden plant nursery) of farm to table goodness right in your home! Each shelf is equipped with 12 slots allowing you the ability to grow up to 36 plants at a time.You’ll start your from seedpod in the nursery where they will sprout and get big enough to graduate them to the upper shelves.  Choose a different crop variety, or a different crop mix, for each of the 3 shelves. The nursery can accommodate all 36 plants in their early stages.  For every growth cycle you will be able to select new varieties in our web app to be shipped right to your door to kick off your next growing “season”. In our guide,  we offer what we consider to be an optimal starter mix of herbs and leafy greens but each shipment is fully customizable at no extra cost. Don’t worry, we will tell you when to order new seedpods so your unit is always full of plants.

🍼 Nutrients: To grow the best tasting and most nutritionally dense plants, they need a little boost (just like using fertilizer outside). Our perfectly calibrated mix of plant nutrients is provided to keep your crops growing and happy. We refill the nutrient cartridges as needed so you never run out. Once installed, our smart technology will monitor your plants and dose them as needed. Custom nutrients for your plants’ specific needs to keep them growing and thriving.

🛠️ Remote monitoring and support: We are constantly collecting data from an array of sensors in your system to make sure your plants are getting the precise amount of light, air, water and nutrients at the proper time. We will alert you if water is running low. We will adjust the climate inside the system to account for any changes in your space. 

The Tech

Plant Growth

Your food is enriched by health-promoting bioactive compounds, resulting in heightened tastes, textures and extended shelf life.


Remote intelligence backed by machine learning is your green thumb in the cloud.


74.75" High x 40.25" Wide x 21.5" Deep. Plugs into standard wall outlet. Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5G band network. Option to manually fill water or connect to municipal water line.

Timed Nutrients

Automated nutrient dosing via smart algorithm - 200,000 data points collected daily over 5+ years to optimize growth formulas for each plant in our crop portfolio.

Smarts LEDs

Developed in partnership with Samsung Horticultural for optimal configuration for yield and flavor.

Smart Sensors

Plant facing cameras and internal sensors support growth and adjust settings automatically.

Farmshelf, the plug-and-play indoor farm, has a dedicated list of fans including José Andrés and Marcus Samuelsson who say the produce quality is like nothing they can buy in stores.

Their innovative technology brings the farm to my cafe, allowing me to grow my own herbs and vegetables year-round with ease... I highly recommend Farmshelf to anyone looking to elevate their cooking experience and embrace sustainable living.

Our Farmshelf units are simply out of this world... for everyone who would like to go into more of a healthier, organic way of eating and supplying food to their families.

This is the new microwave... I believe one day many homes around the world will have a garden like this.

We love having Farmshelf in our restaurants. They give us beautiful, healthy and delicious crops... Our guests love seeing the crops grow right in front of their eyes.

We partnered with an amazing organization called Farmshelf...which allowed [students] to be engaged with farming inside the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 How long does it take the plants to grow?

Farmshelf takes you from seed to full plant maturity in four weeks or less. At that time you can begin harvesting. Most crops will continue to regrow weekly for another 4-6 weeks after each harvest.

💡 What if I don’t have a green thumb?

Farmshelf is designed to be easy for anyone to grow their own nutritious food. You simply add water (don’t worry, we tell you when and how much), insert your seed pods, and then harvest when the crops are mature. We take care of the rest through advanced monitoring...

Bring the farm home

The freshest produce, year round, loved by the best chefs

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