Farmshelf for Business

Farmshelf started by helping the best chefs in the world grow incredibly delicious produce in their restaurants. Our expert team has spent the last year re-engineering and evolving Farmshelf to be just as powerful but cost half as much.

Enjoy the freshest produce,

year round - choose from
60 varieties!

Grow food 2-3 times faster

with 90% less water and
minimal effort.

The best chefs love it

Just ask Marcus Samuelsson
or José Andrés.

The Proof is in the Produce

Enjoy produce that tastes like it does from the farmers market in peak season.

Show your commitment to freshness, flavor and sustainability.

Based on which of the 60 crops you grow, meaningful weekly yield of 3 lbs of herbs, leafy greens and lettuces.

"This is the new microwave... I believe one day many homes around the world will have a garden like this."

— Chef José Andrés, Think Food Group

Farmshelf for business is $4,950 plus $600-875 shipping fee based on your distance from NYC. $109/month subscription includes seedpods, nutrients, FarmCloud app, and support.

40.25" Wide x 21.5" Deep x 74.75" High (glass on front & sides)

Plugs into standard wall outlet

Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5G band network

Built-in LED lighting and easy water refill means Farmshelf does not need to be near a window or a water source

Download the Cut Sheet

1. Choose your Crops

Pick from more than 40 varieties such as butter lettuce, shiso, Portuguese kale, and chamomile.

2. Insert Seedpods

When they arrive at your door, pop them in the nursery, slide it closed and watch them sprout.

3. Effortless Growing

Farmshelf automatically optimizes growth and gives your crops exactly what they need.

4. Harvest to your Plate

Get an alert when your produce is ready so you can harvest what you need when you need it.

What Chef Marcus Samuelsson loves about his Farmshelf


Timed Water

No more over- or under-watering. Water automatically moves through the system at just the right times in just the right amounts.

Nutrients Included

Beyond water and light, your produce is given exactly the nutrients it needs, all precisely timed and automated.

Harvest Alerts

Get analytics on plant growth from the cloud and alerts when it’s time to harvest.


We provide you with everything you need. Fresh seed pods arrive just in time for your next crop cycle.

Optimized LED

Fully automated, energy-efficient lighting grows 2-3x faster (and looks gorgeous!).

Smart Sensors

Cameras and sensors support plant growth and adjust growing settings automatically.


These businesses and more are growing with Farmshelf

Higher Education

K-12 Education


Senior Living


Food Hall

Farmshelf, the plug-and-play indoor farm, has a dedicated list of fans including José Andrés and Marcus Samuelsson who say the produce quality is like nothing they can buy in stores.

Loving Farmshelf and growing greens on site, from workplace to plate. Farmshelf is by far the best in the business!

Farmshelf is such a hit with guests that it’s hard to get through a day without questions or praise.