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Who We Are

Farmshelf is on a mission to bring the farm home. We are committed to creating smart indoor farms that enable the user (that’s you!) to grow leafy greens, herbs, and more wherever you live, work, and eat. 

Farmshelf closes the gap between farm and fork and grows food 2-3 times faster than conventional farming (using 90 percent less water). 

Our Farmshelf model enables anyone to harvest just what’s needed, when it’s needed. Let’s get growing. 

Just a Little Bit of History

Farmshelf was founded in 2016 in a San Francisco garage by Andrew Shearer. Out of a desire to grow his own food, Shearer envisioned beautiful, smart hydroponic grow systems that would enable anyone to grow produce where they live, work, and eat. 

Just three years later, after establishing headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, there are more than 250 Farmshelfs growing fresh and flavorful produce at businesses across the country. 

Prior to Farmshelf, Shearer began his journey in sales and business intelligence at Twitter and Pinterest. He passionately worked to humanize the relationships between brands and users through technology in order to create deep, relevant, and more sustainable relationships. 

What We Do

We’re mission driven. Meaning, that Farmshelf was created to fulfill a simple but important mission to make food and growing your own food more accessible. Our smart, indoor farms can help anyone (and we mean anyone - no green thumb needed) grow their own produce. Farmshelf provides nutrients, water, and guidance through every step of the crop cycle to crops that are sent to you via an unlimited subscription. 

Why We Do It

Why? We do it because we care. We know this sounds just a little bit cheesy, but it’s true. We want to give people the tools to grow their own food. We exist to support people in the way that they grow food for their work, their homes, and in systems of education. 

We know that a Farmshelf in every home is not just a dream of fresh produce and better connection to the food, but it’s a reality. The future of food is happening here and now.