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From the Field

The partnerships and collaborations along the way make everything possible. When we talk about the future of food we’re also talking about Community. Check out our Farmshelf units in the field and read testimonials from chefs who love Farmshelf. Let’s grow together.

"This is the new microwave... I believe one day many homes around the world will have a garden like this."

— Chef José Andrés, Think Food Group

What people are saying about Farmshelf...

Farmshelf makes our customers happy. We love how fast the plants grow, the extraordinary yield and the great flavors. It’s so easy to use!

Loving Farmshelf and growing greens on site, from workplace to plate. Farmshelf is by far the best in the business!

Farmshelf is such a hit with guests that it’s hard to get through a day without questions or praise.