Where can I place Farmshelf?

Farmshelf can go in any location that has a standard power outlet, Wi-Fi signal, and is temperature-controlled (e.g. normal indoor heating/cooling setpoints, no temperature extremes).  There's no need to locate Farmshelf by a window, as the built-in LED lighting provides the optimal "sunlight" for the plants to grow.  For good sanitary measures, we recommend locating Farmshelf away from trash receptacles and cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, or dustpans.  We also recommend locating Farmshelf close to a water source for ease of bringing water to the unit.  

What kind of water does Farmshelf require?

Regular tap water from the sink is all that's needed.  If your location has hard water or known presence of particles, we recommend using filtered water.

What's the harvesting process?

We advocate a partial harvest, or trim, once your plants are mature.  Our onboarding process will teach you how best to trim different kinds of crops in order to maximize their regrowth potential.  By performing partial harvests, you’ll get several weeks of yield out of the same plants before having to start over with fresh seedpods.  

What data can Farmshelf generate?

With the release of our next generation unit, there will be a mobile app where you can access statistics about your Farmshelf (e.g. water level, temperature, etc), control lighting schedules, and track what’s growing inside.  

What am I responsible for?

You will want to designate one or more staff to own the day-to-day operation of your Farmshelf(s).  The onboarding process will teach them everything they need to know - from germinating seedpods to watering, harvesting, and starting the cycle over.  

Once you are accustomed to working with Farmshelf, you can plan to spend as little as 30 minutes to an hour throughout the week on each Farmshelf unit - harvesting, topping off water, etc.   Certain less frequent tasks, such as cleaning out old crops and transplanting in newly sprouted seedlings, will add some time to the typical weekly labor.  

How much produce can I grow?

It will vary by crop, but you can expect up to 3-4 pounds per week.

How much soil and water are saved?

Farmshelf uses no soil, 90% less water than conventional farming, and less electricity than most other large kitchen appliances.  Marketing materials will be available and can be customized to your needs.  

What if I already preordered a Farmshelf?

Thank you for your preorder! If you have questions, please reach out directly to readytogrow@farmshelf.com.

Received your Farmshelf and have questions?

Lettuce help. Contact support@farmshelf.com